Cabri 3D Web - release 0.7.5

Sep 22nd, 2023: This fourth version of Cabri 3D on the web is available. It can display the following objects:

A cone
a quadric
Two conics
two conics
A cut cube
a cut cube

New in 0.7.5 include:



Desktop applications are built based on the web-version, they can load and save. They are largely exploratory and not yet signed (thus you need to use authority to force the OS to open the application).

The web version displaying a sample

Desktop App for macOS

Desktop Installer for windows

You can display Cabri 3D within web-pages by various publishing methods: See the embed instructions.


See the roadmap.


Cabri 3D is a product of Cabrilog SAS with developments of Jean-Marie-Laborde, Eric Bainville, François-Régis Degott, Rémi Dessarce and Paul Libbrecht.

It uses the following open-source libraries: Emscripten to run C++ code in Webassembly, Webpack and its file- and css-loaders to package the resources (as well as the webpack-emscripten loader), VueJS and the vue-loader and vue-template compiler to organize in components, chai and webdriverIO to perform tests.