Welcome to the Cabri 3D gallery. Browse and discover the main functionalities of Cabri 3D through a large number of real examples for secondary.

To see and directly manipulate the constructions in your Internet browser, please install the Cabri 3D plugin on your computer. For more information on how to install the Cabri 3D plugin, please visit this page.

Hint for interacting with the figures

Some figures are animated. The animation will start if you click anywhere in the figure.

To change the view angle of the scene, put the mouse pointer anywhere in the figure, hold down the right mouse button (Command key on Macintosh), and move the mouse.

You might want to interact with the construction by dragging the control points. To identify points that can be manipulated directly, simply hold down the mouse button in an empty part of the figure. Points that can be manipulated directly will flicker temporarily grow bigger. To drag vertically a free point, hold down the Shift key and move the point upwards.

Also discover interactive figures integrated in