Cabri 3D Web Roadmap (0.5)

Cabri 3D Web Roadmap

Release 0.1

=> Release 0.1 (2021-05): the first preview of Cabri3DWeb is a web-URL which allows to attempt to load the CG3 at any URL as well as the sample's files and attempting to display them and move some elements of them. No creation of new objects.

Release 0.5

=> Release 0.5 (2021-11): The second preview is a URL or electron app which allows to open and save CG3 files with a wider palette of objects.

Release 1.0

Release 1.0 (2022-04): The third Cabri3DWeb allows the creation of somewhat complete set of 3D figures. It has been tested on elementary tasks with a few teachers with the aim to offer the manipulation of scenes to students.

Release 1.2

=> Release 1.2 (2022-08): ...


We start with the name of "Cabri3D", a variant of "Cabri" dedicated to space geometry. The last released version of the desktop application was called "v2".

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