Cabri 3D Web - release 0.7

June 11th, 2022: This third version of Cabri 3D on the web is available. It can display the following objects:

A cone
a quadric
Two conics
two conics
A cut cube
a cut cube

and can load a lot of .cg3 files too (simply drag a file on it).

New in 0.7 include:



Desktop applications are not part of this release.

You can display Cabri 3D within web-pages. See the embed instructions.


See the roadmap.


Cabri 3D is a product of Cabrilog SAS with developments of Jean-Marie-Laborde, Eric Bainville, François-Régis Degott, Rémi Dessarce and Paul Libbrecht.

It uses the following open-source libraries: Emscripten to run C++ code in Webassembly, Webpack and its file- and css-loaders to package the resources (as well as the webpack-emscripten loader), VueJS and the vue-loader and vue-template compiler to organize in components, chai and webdriverIO to perform tests.